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Duck Bowl Possibilities

Well, any Rose Bowl chances have gone straight to hell, and the Holiday Bowl seems unlikely. Here are the possible bowl destinations for the Ducks:

Well, here is the scenario that has to play out for the Ducks to be in San Diego:
Ducks beat SC, a 2 loss SC or Cal team still gets a BCS bowl. This is unlikely. Another possibility is that UO loses to SC, but WSU loses two more games. Either way, not likely. Don't book tickets for San Diego.

To go to El Paso, Oregon needs to win out and have WSU lose another game. Or lose to SC and have WSU lose two games. Or, SC beats UO and Cal beats SC, which gets both SC and Cal into the BCS, leaving the Holiday Bowl for WSU. This would be against a Big East or Big 12 team.

Las Vegas
If things keep going as they are now, Las Vegas is the status quo. We'd get the MWC #1 (probably BYU).

The 5th place team will go to the Emerald Bowl in San Francisco. UCLA, Washington, or Oregon State would have to overtake us, all of which are unlikey.

So, its looking like a trip to fabulous Las Vegas. Hopefully, something will happen and we will find ourselves in El Paso or San Diego. While Vegas is fun, its certainly not what we hoped for.