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What's in the Papers?

Here's what the papers are saying about the Ducks this week:

Finally, some relief on the beat up defensive line.  Jeremy Gibbs and Ra'Shon Harris will play Saturday against Portland State.  This is good news as running backs have been making a killing vs. the Ducks this year.  Victor Filipe will not play--probably the rest of the season.  To me, this is good news.  I didn't like that Bellotti was trying to rush him back and waste his last year of eligibility for just a few games.

Here's another Oregonian article asking about a possible quarterback controversy at Oregon.  It seems like the backup is always the most popular guy in town.  However, I don't think that there is a quarterback conroversy.  Brady Leaf is a fine quarterback, and we are damn lucky to have him as our backup.  I have full confidence that if for some reason, Dixon weren't able to play next year, Leaf would win us 9-10 games.  He would start for most teams in the conference.  However, we run the spread option, and Brady is a pocket quarterback.  We need mobility--someone who can get out of the pocket, run the option, etc.  Either way, we will win 9-10 games next year.  But, if our goal is a Pac-10 and possible National Championship, then Dixon is our man.  He just has a higher ceiling and more tools for the offense.  Let Dixon get these struggles out this season.  Now, if Dixon still has trouble getting up for big games next year, we may need to reconsider.  But, for now, there should be no controversy.  Dennis is our man.

The Portland Tribune talks about the Ducks' bowl possibilities this season..  Nothing new, we did this a few days ago.  The Daily Emerald does the same, although Enoka Lucas' quote at the end is probably wishful thinking.

Anyway, here's whats in the papers this week.