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Oregon vs. Portland State: Condensed Preview

Just got back from the Century/Parkrose game, and heading to Eugene early tomorrow.  Here is a quick preview and prediction for the Portland State game.

Okay, we all know that we don't really expect this game to be close.  Portland State is a good 1-AA team, but they have no shot at Autzen.  A mob of angry Ducks will come out ready to play.  Jonathan Stewart will actually hold onto the football, and Dennis Dixon will actually complete a pass.  I look for Oregon to come out firing and look to put the game away early.  Maybe go for the home run ball right off, then have a constant dose of Jonathan and Jeremiah to wear down the defense.  I expect Brady and the second stringers to be in halfway through the third quarter.  PSU will score some points on our defense, but the end result won't be close.