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Another Shitty Road Performance

I am getting really tired of this crap.  Again, the Ducks come out on the road and look like they'd rather be elsewhere.  Not a whole lot good to say about this one.

The defense looked really bad.  Receiver were open everywhere, and USC ran the ball right down Oregon's throats.

Offense wasn't a lot better.  They moved the ball well at first, but disappeared in the Red Zone.  Then Dennis Dixon started (again) doing his best Matt Moore impression throwing picks.  When the hell did this start?  He just locks onto J-Will and tries to jam it in there.  He didn't do this crap last year.

Oh well, its basketball season, right?  On second thought, that scares the hell out of me too.  Disappointment and frustration is all I have right now.  Christmas in El Paso.  Woo fucking hoo.  Maybe a crappy bowl game means that they will actually win it this year.

But, hey, a win over the Beavers and we can just forget about a lot of this!