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Tajuan Porter, You're my hero!

Tajuan Porter did it again, dropping 38 on Portland State Sunday.  Through three games, the 5'6" freshman is averaging a cool 31 ppg.  I know it hasn't been stellar competition, but he a 5'6" freshman for crying out loud.  And even without Malik Hairston, the Ducks left their first three opponents in a pile of dust.

Obviously, we need to see Tajuan do this against major competition.  We won't see that against UC-Irvine Friday, but have away games at Rice and Georgetown coming up to see how he's doing.  But 31 ppg through three games is impressive for any freshman.  The real question:  can he be the go to scorer that this team has been lacking since Luke Jackson left.  If the answer is yes, the Ducks will be back in the NCAA tournament.