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Civil War Prediction

Already previewed the OSU offense.  I don't think that there is any way that the Ducks can stop Yvenson Bernard from having a big game.  The defensive line just isn't good enough.  So I think that there needs to be a real focus on stopping the passing game.

The OSU defense is quite good, and gives up less than 20 a game.  They like to pressure the quarterback.  I wouldn't give Dixon the chance to make stupid plays.  I hope that Dixon is improved by next season, but he just has no confidence right now.  I'd go with Brady Leaf, as I think he has the biggest chance of winning the game.  Feed them a steady dose of Jonathan Stewart, but then go deep.  Dixon cannot do that.  Brady can.

PREDICTION:  Bellotti goes with Leaf, and the offense finds itself again.  However, Duck defense is bad and Bernard has a big game.  Civil War is a shootout.  I'll say that the Ducks win on a late field goal, 38-35, though it could easily be the other way.  But a close game this year, no blowout.