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Going Bowling: Vegas or The City?

Well, nothing left to play.  The only drama left is what crappy bowl the Ducks are going to.  At this point, there are two possibilities:  Las Vegas, or San Francisco for the Emerald Bowl.  Vegas would be against Mountain West champ BYU, a ten-win team.  Emerald Bowl would likely be against 6-6 Florida State.  Vegas is the better bowl, against the better team.  Yet, I'd rather go to San Francisco.  Here's why:

Either game should be a win.  I'm not worried about playing a "weaker" opponent or anything like that.  However, neither bowl is that great.  The difference between a Las Vegas Bowl win and a Emerald Bowl win is nil.  So, what game will put us in better shape for the future?  Playing Florida State there has to be better than playing BYU.  All of the exposure that comes with playing FSU, especially in the key recruiting state of Florida, would be beneficial to the Oregon program.  Oregon has had mixed success trying to start recruiting the area, and its not as if games against Flordia, Florida State, and Miami are easy to come by (though I think that UO should be trying to set up a home and home with up and coming South Florida NOW).  So Vegas may pay a bit more?  You'll more than recoup that investment if you can pluck a player or two from the Sunshine State.  If Oregon is serious about expanding its recruiting base, than the Emerald Bowl is where they want to be.