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5 Questions: Georgetown Basketball

For this weeks installment of 5 questions, the editors at, an unofficial Georgetown website, give us answers to five pressing questions about today's basketball matchup between Georgetown and the Ducks.  Check out HoyaSaxon for game previews and recaps.

Thanks, guys.  Here goes:

ADQ: Last year, Georgetown came into Eugene and kicked the Ducks around
pretty good.  Ashanti Cook was the star in that game, but he
graduated.  Compare this team to last year's.

HS: Still a work in progress. Three freshmen are expected to make major
contributions by season's end but they are still learning the offense.
The outside shooting of graduated seniors Ashanti Cook and Darrel
Owens has been missed early, but the interior game remains strong.
Georgetown will be an even better team in March than it is right now.

ADQ: Everyone is Eugene is talking about Roy Hibbert.  He had a
double-double last year, but looked awkward at times as well.  How has
he progressed?  Should the Ducks be worried that they don't have a
competent big man to counter him?

HS: Hibbert is a more complete player than in last year's effort, because
he runs the floor more effectively, and the experience of the 2005-06
Big East season and NCAA tournament has helped. He is averaging only
eight attempts per game, but is hitting 69% of his shots.

ADQ: The Ducks will go small and try to out quick and out shoot the
Hoyas.  Do we have any reason to believe that this will actually work?
 Or will Georgetown just pound us into submission down low?"

HS: Georgetown's defense against the three should be a better test that
what UO has seen to date, but threes can't be the only tactic.
Remember, UO shot ten threes in last season's game and still lost by

ADQ: What are the expectations for the Hoyas this year?  Will anything
short of a Big East title be a disappointment?"

HS: John Thompson III does an excellent job of managing expectations. It's
foolish to focus solely on the title with as many competitive Big East
teams out there. Syracuse was the ninth seed heading into last year's
conference tournament and won it, so there are a lot of good teams to

ADQ: What is the key to a Duck upset of the Hoyas?

HS: Rebounding. The Ducks only had 20 rebounds in last season's game.

ADQ: Thanks.  Here is to a good game tonight.