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5 Questions: U-Dub Dish

For rivalry week, we exchanged five questions about our upcoming game with SB Nation's UW affiliate U-Dub Dish.  I'll post his response to my questions, and you can view my response to his questions over there.  Anyway, here goes:

ADQ  Obviously, Isiah Stanback was a huge part of this offense, but they have
played tough in his absence. What can we expect out of the Washington
offense on Saturday? And Duck fans are salivating at the thought of Johnny
DuRocher playing, what's the status on Bonnell?

UDD  First, it looks like Bonnell is going to be good to go. I imagine Duck fans would love to see former U of O QB Johnny Durocher, but it appears he'll just be the backup Saturday.

As for the offense, who the hell knows? This team moved the ball with ease against a tough Cal defense and looked lifeless against a vulnerable ASU D. So if you want to know what to expect from the offense, well, flip a coin. Heads is a big offensive day, tails is minimal offense.

ADQ  Tell us a bit about the Washington defense. How have they been this

UDD  The defense has been better of late, but still not solid. They've been very inconsistent and on days when the secondary is good -- like against Cal -- the run defense is iffy.

Against Oregon, I'd expect playmaker Jaison Williams to have a big day. The secondary was very vulnerable early in the season, and a big-play WR like Williams could have a huge game.

ADQ  To those of us on the outside, it seems as if Ty Willingham has done an
incredible job getting this team just to play competitively again. What is
the take of most Washington fans on Tyrone Willingham.

UDD  Good question. Willingham seems to be split amoung Dawg fans. Some are very supportive in that Ty has got this team playing well and has been competitive in pretty much every game. Others don't like the moral victories. A loss is a loss in most people's minds, and until Washington is winning 7-10 games again, Ty won't be considered much different than Keith Gilbertson.

ADQ  (I like it so much I think that I'll steal it) Hypothetical situation:
The Huskies go 10-2 with the losses coming to Washington State and Oregon.
Or the Huskies go 2-10 with the only wins coming versus UO and WSU. Simple
question or not as obvious an answer as it should be?

UDD  Ha! It's tough, I tell you. I think 10-2 is the way to go, and it's not so much that clearly 10-2 is a good year, while 2-10 sucks.

I think the state of Washington football needs a big year. Where this program is, it doesn't really matter who it beats. They could go 10-2 with all 10 wins coming against D-II schools (hypothetically, of course) and it'd be good. These players are still remembering how to win and these guys play so emotionally and so much better when they have confidence. And 10 wins would obviously boost a team's confidence.

ADQ  What is the key to an Oregon victory over the Huskies on Saturday.

UDD  It may sound trite, but I think it's Washington believing it can win. This is a team that lost on the last play to USC and in OT to Cal. The Huskies can play with anyone and especially on the road.

It's the belief that they can really win this game and trying to stay confident throughout the contest.
UW will be far inferior talent-wise, but they need to believe that they're the best team on the field.

And stopping the long ball will be key. Stewart will get his yards rushing. Fine. But the Huskies can't give up the big play and allow the quick score.
Thanks to the folks at U-Dub Dish for talking with us.  We'll do it again for basketball season.