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Husky Story

Good Stuff from user JennyGreen on the OregonLive forum.  Its a reminder as to why we all hate the Huskies:

"Here's hoping that the worst fans in the Pac-10 get what is coming to them... AGAIN! I will never forget the trip up to Seattle to play the Huskies as part of the oregon marching band. Prior to the game the band was pelted with dead ducks hanging on nooses and raw eggs. An Oregon fan tried to step in front only to be escorted away by a nearby security guard. Once we entered the stadium the PA announcer said over the loud speaker "Welcome the Oregon Nazis!" During the game several band members had beer dumped on them and various other objects thrown. After the game, which ultimately was a blowout loss, a couple of drunk husky fans attacked a female band member while loading equipment onto the truck. The secruity guards stood by and watched until our director called the police. Granted the band gets a bad rap and can expect poor treatment to nearly every road venue, this was over the top and hateful. While I know that some Oregon fans have a bit too much fun and do some things that would not make the fan base as a whole proud, I would like to believe that we have never purposely killed a representative animal/mascot just for the sake of showing hate at a football game. Dead beavers? Don't think so... Dead huskies? Definitely not... The hate runs deep for this team. These are the things that make this game the most important rivalry to many in Eugene. The elitest attitude of Husky fans years ago to the contempt and hate that has been shown for the last ten years...Here's hoping our boys kick the crap out of them on the field and send them back home with their tails between their legs."

Here's echoing those last sentiments.