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Catching up on Football

Well, we have a long way to catch up.  Here goes:

Good win on Saturday.  Always great to beat the Fuskies, and this rivalry is turning very one-sided.  The running game played great, over 300 yards rushing.  And the defensive line was great as well--only the second game of the season where we didn't allow a 100 yard rusher.  Nice job.

USC will be a much tougher test.  Oregon State showed the way that you have to beat them--shut down the running game and make Booty beat you.  Yeah--that's going to be really hard for the Ducks to do.  I know a lot of Duck fans are feeling confident, but this isn't a great matchup for us.  In order for the Ducks to win, they will have to control the run, and be able to pound the football themselves.  They are really going to need to pound the ball and control the ball against USC.  That, and hope that Dixon actually shows up to play for this one.

Lots of news on the game.   James Finley (knee) and Dan Kause (ankle) are out for Oregon.  These shouldn't be huge losses, but do affect Oregon's depth.  On the plus side, Jerome Boyd and Terrell Ward should be back, just in time for USC's big wideouts.

If you're looking for something to read, USC's still crying about that billboard a few years back. Seems like they'd have bigger worries.  After all, its not like its hurt their recruiting at all.

Big homecoming game for lots of Ducks, and the first time that the Ducks have played in the Coliseum since 2000.  Here's hoping that its a good return.

This game will go a long way to determine bowl scenarios for the Ducks.  With three games to go, 1-2 is much more likely than 3-0.  Civil War in Corvallis is always tough.  If Oregon beats USC, I think they will finish no worse than the Sun Bowl.  If they lose to SC, then pack your bags for San Francisco or Vegas.