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Nothing Settled: Rivalry Open Thread

So, the last poll question:  If you could only beat one team in a season, who would it be:  Oregon State or Washington.  117 votes later, Washington was ahead by three measley votes.  Not exactly a majority.  While I still believe that Oregon harbors much more hatred for Washington than for Oregon State, it appears it will remain undecided about who is the bigger rival.  Oh well, I guess we'll just have to beat them both!

Post your favorite Washington or Oregon State memories here.

Mine, quickly:

In the sixth grade,I had the privilege of ushering a late season game with my boy scout troop for a little cash for summer camp the next year.  The game:  Oregon vs. Washington.  The year: 1994.  My first Duck game ever was The Pick.  I didn't really know football at the time, but the stadium was electric.  Needless to say, from that point on, I have been a Duck.

Favorite Civil War moment had to be last year.  I just remember being at the game with the fog and not being able to see the other side of the stadium.  But I could see the field, and the carnage that was unfolding.  And as we ran up the score, I just kept rooting for more.  It was sweet revenge.  When Aaron Gipson picked off that first Beaver pass and returned it for a score, you knew that the game was over.

Anyway, post your favorites here.