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Basketball Musings

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As you probably know by now, the Ducks find themselves back in college basketball's top 25 for the first time since '03.  22 in the AP, 24 in the coaches.  Here is some of the other things around the net about the Ducks

*USA Today did an interview with Ernie Kent.  Nothing too insightful, but a good read.  However, it is kind of ironic that the athletic department is talking about how hard it is to recruit to Mac Court, whereas Kent in this article is touting it as a recruiting tool.

*Sports Illustrated is profiling the nine undefeateds left in the country.  The win at Georgetown put Oregon in the "Teams that can back it up" category by a hair.  I would still put them in "the jury's still out" until they win a few in confrence play, but SI is calling the Jan. 6 game vs. UCLA "must see TV."

*In OregonLive's Portland State forum, PSU fans are kicking around the idea of a Northwest Classic tournament, featuring the eight D1 programs from Oregon and Washington (UO, OSU, PSU, UP, UW, WSU, EWU, and Gonzaga).  Would never work due to the conference affiliations, but is a fun concept.  We play every school on that list this year except Gonzaga.  Why the hell do we never play them?  Would be a fun game.

*We all know that Dennis Erickson went to Arizona State.  I'm sorry, but is anyone else worried about what DE can do at ASU?  This is no Dirk Koetter. You can draw recruits to Tempe, and you know that Erickson will do it.  Within three years, ASU will contend for Pac-10 titles.  Idaho is pissed, but anyone who thought that Erickson would stay at Idaho long was just naive.  Good news about Erickson:  you know he won't be in Tempe longer than six years.

*Former Oklahoma coach Kelvin Sampson made 577 illegal telephone calls to recruits.  Is there any sport that the pOUters don't cheat in?

Big game against Eastern Washington on Friday.  EWU is the best team in the Big Sky and gave UW a game.  Ducks will have to play well and not overlook the Eagles--this could go down as another good win for the Ducks, but they have to be careful not to be trapped into overconfidence.  The Ducks are having a $12 ticket special, so there is no reason for those of you in Eugene not to pack the Pit.