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BYU Offensive Breakdowns

Quarterbacks--BYU quarterback John Beck is one hell of a player.  He finished second in the nation in passer rating at 173.27, so you know he is going to make smart decisions.  He completed 70% of his passes for 30 TDs and only six picks.  He was the MWC offensive player of the year.  Beck has a stong arm and can make all the throws--he threw for over 3500 yards this season.  There are thoughts that the only thing keeping him from being a surefire first rounder is his age--he's 25 due to his Mormon mission.

The Ducks will probably start Brady Leaf, although he may split time with Dixon.  We know what we have there.  If Leaf plays like he did in Civil War, we'll be okay.  If not, we're in trouble.  Either way, they're no Beck.

Advantage:  BYU.

Running Backs--Stewart and JJ are badass. BYU has a good defense, but Stewie has shredded many good defenses this year.  No worries there.

BYU has a couple of kids to watch out for.  Curtis Brown is their horse.  Only 890 yards this season, but he's averaging a cool 4.8 ypc.  He also has an amazing 55 catches out of the backfield--BYU is one of those teams that uses a short passing game as a de facto rushing attack.  The 205 lb. senior will be playing on Sundays next year.  They go to 225 lb. bruiser Fui Vakapuna in short yardage situations.  He has 8 TDs this season.
Both teams have good backs, but J-Stew is nothing short of amazing.  However, Brown and Vakapuna get to go up against the terrible Oregon run defense.
Advantage:  Oregon

Receivers--All the Ducks are finally healthy.  On papers, it appears as if Oregon's receivers are bigger, taller, more talented, and more productive than BYUs wideouts.  Jaison Williams is certainly better than any receiver BYU has.  However, BYU spreads the ball around to five very good receivers.  McKay Jacobsen, a 5'11' senior leads the pack, but the other four a very good as well.  Matt Allen, Zac Collie, and Nate Meikle have all been solid, as has Michael Reed, who is the biggest home run threat.  
Also got to talk about their leading receiver, who is actually their tight end.  Third team all-american Johnny Harline has over 750 yards in what is a down year for him.  He's only 6'4", but just a damn good receiver.
Put it this way:  Jordan Kent would not be the second best receiver for BYU.  Jaison Williams will be the best receiver on the field, but BYU has the better total package.
Advantage:  BYU

Offensive Line--BYU has had a beat up offensive line this year, and they haven't played together much.  Should be healthy for the bowl game, but lack the togetherness the Oregon's line will have.
Advantage:  Oregon