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Arizona Quick Preview

Ugly win over ASU, but on the road in the Pac-10, you take any win you can get.  Moving on to Arizona tonight:

*The Wildcats are the highest scoring team in the country.  Not only will they run with Oregon, but they are one of the few teams who has the advantage over the Ducks in that style of game.  

*They have stars galore.  Chase Budinger.  Mustafa Shakur.  Marcus Williams.  Ivan Radenovic.  And they all put the ball in the bucket.

We know that not all of Arizona's shooters will go cold in the same game.  Oregon cannot have one of their games where they don't shoot the ball well.  They have to have a good shooting game, and make just enough stops to overcome UA's advantage.  I actually think that the Ducks are the better defensive team.  If the Ducks can hold Arizona to under 75 points, they have a great shot at this game.