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Breaking News: Crowton going to LSU

According to ESPN, LSU is naming Gary Crowton as their new offensive coordinator.  Honestly, this is great news for the Ducks.  

I don't want to make Crowton a scapegoat for what happened this season.  If Dennis Dixon hadn't had a complet meltdown, I have no doubt his offense would have been okay.  But the strength of this team is the running backs, and I think that the best chance for the Ducks to be truly special next year is to build the offense around Stewart and Johnson.  That would also put less pressure on Dixon and/or Leaf, hopefully improving their confidence.

No thoughts on who the next OC might be, though I'd like to see Bill Musgrave be considered.

I wouldn't take this as a knock on the Oregon program that they are losing coaches to "bigger" schools.  Crowton has deep Louisiana ties, so its really not terribly surprising.  Best of luck to him, hopefully its one of those deals that is mutually beneficial (and maybe the LSU fans can finally stop bitching about having to "share" that NC a few years back.)