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Husky Week.......Ugh.

What makes our season even more fun is that out not-so-friendly neighbors to the North, the puppies, are reeling bad.  After getting their asses handed to them by Washington State, the Fuskies find themselves 1-6 in the Pac-10, with their lone win against mighty Arizona State.  Not having Aaron Brooks will certainly be a blow, but, with Washington's recent play, I am worried less and less.  Yes, they are probably hungry for a win, and this is a rivalry game, blah blah, blah.  All of those same arguements could be said about the Wazzou game, and look how that turned out.

Some big time smack being talked over by our puppy affiliate, U-Dub Dish.  I like to respond to just a few things....

"Whether it be football, basketball, soccer or checkers I love kicking the Ducks ass."

Hope you enjoy volleyball and softball then.

"If any of you have ever been to Autzen Stadium then you know the "class" that radiates out of their fan base."

Right, a lecture from the Husky on class.  That's kinda like a human rights lecture from Saddam.  And I'm glad he mentions our stadium--best in the conference.  Meanwhile, has anyone been to Husky Stadium?  How is that overrated piece of crap still standing?

"The fact the Ernie hasnt been able to play grab ass with female co-workers or take "working weekends" in Mexico may have something to do with their sudden improvement."

And what is the excuse for your football team?

Yes, I love beating the Huskies and all that.  But the best gift that the Huskies will give us this year will be that while we are dancing in March, they will be at home on their rear ends.

My Thursday evening post is almost set.  It will be titled "Just Like Football."