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More Husky Banter.....

Well, seems that the new co-author over at U Dub Dish is a loud talking Husky.  What could be more fun than that?

"For those on our sister site that are upset with my posts I dont know what to tell you.  First of all, shouldn't it be  I mean your state is the meth capital of the country.  Secondly, dont start knocking Husky Stadium.  Have you ever been to Eugene?  It's the equivilent of a rest stop without the free coffee."

Upset?  Hardly.  I love it when other teams have to resort such to make them feel better about their crappy teams.  Don't knock Husky Stadium?  Is that place now falling apart so badly that simply knocking on it is going to cause it to fall down.  As far as Eugene being addicted to meth, I believe that he is confusing Eugene with Springfield.  Quite a difference there.

"Maybe someday we also will be owned by Nike and have a bottomless money flow.  How is Philly Knight doing these days anyways?  He already has ran the track coach and Athletic Director out of town, who's next?"

I don't know, how is Husky football doing these days?

Can't wait till Baseball season to beat the Ducks also.  Oh wait, you dont have a team.  Guess I will have to wait to until the Ducks come up to Husky Stadium.  Hopefully the weather will be good for that one.  It would be awful if Jonathon Stewart got a cold and sneezed.  We all know he would have to miss atleast 2 games due to that.  I will make sure to keep my eyes open in the stands.  I wouldn't want to get hit in the head by a Dennis Dixon pass.

Trust me, I can't wait for us to come to Husky Stadium, either.  Just hope that the big one doesn't hit that day, or the place will come crashing down.  Only a U-Dub grad (okay, maybe a Beaver, too), would think that temperature is the cause of a cold.  As for Dixon and Stewart, how much did they whoop your sorry ass football team by?

Anybody got a Las Vegas Bowl score?

And what bowl game did the Huskies go to?  Last year?  The year before?

"It's hard to pick Oregon and still look in the mirror, but you have to be realistic.  Oregon is just alot better than we are at this point of the season."

Or at any point of the season, really.  Sanity prevails after all.

All in good fun, of course.  Welcome, Topher, to the SBN family.  

Husky Basketball........Catch the airball.