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I wanted to get my first post out and say that I look forward to contributing to both the Ducks blogosphere and the larger SB Nation, in general.  One of the things I mentioned to Dave was that I'd like to see Addicted to Quack cultivate the same community that is typical of many of the other SB Nation sites.  

As for the Ducks, as was noted in the comments, they are now in a tie with UCLA for first, which should make this week's trip down to LA all the more intriguing.  While the Ducks have been much improved on the road this season, this may be their first true test of playing an elite team on the road.  While the wins at Georgetown and Arizona were impressive, both teams have not met preseason expectations (both were top 10 teams).  And, not to be completely overshadowed, Saturday's game marks the Duck's opportunity to avenge their first loss of the season.  

That being said, bring on the Bruins!

Go Ducks!