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Fire Tom Hansen

Thank you, Tom Hansen.

As I'm sure you're aware, Saturday's game will not be on television.  This marks the second time in three conference games that the Ducks will not be on TV.  Its certainly not for a lack of effort on the Ducks' part--they've put together broadcasts and shown them on tape delay.  But they are not allowed to broadcast them live because the Pac-10 games on ABC and FSN contractually get "exclusivity."

Because people in Oregon give a shit about USC/Arizona.

I'd be curious as to the numbers if exclusivity actually helps the ratings.  But the die hards like me are simply going to listen to the Duck game on the radio.  Casual Duck fans will simply find another way to spend their Saturday.  But Tom Hansen signed off on the crappy TV contract that not only limits us to second rate networks such as FSN and Vs., but makes it so that a  school cannot even broadcast a game in their own city?  What kind of an idiot would sign off on a deal like this?  A deal which takes your product away from consumers?  Tom Hansen did.  Apparently having to do with getting enough volleyball and softball games on the air, as if ensuring that softball gets airtime should be a large priority.

In the meantime, that same TV contract largely keeps us off ESPN.  Our ABC games pretty much stay regional (unless its SC), and our FSN games can be pre-empted in many markets by local baseball and hockey.  Great job promoting our conference, Tom.

Sadly, its just one in a long list of stupid decisions by Mr. Hansen.

Lets take Tom's stance on the football postseason.

You all know that I'm a playoff man.  It was possible that we could have the start of a playoff soon, but Tom killed that idea, largely in the name of preserving the Rose Bowl.  Seeing how it is very arguable that no conference has been more harmed by the BCS than the Pac-10, that is a questionable stance.  That said, I have also said that if we are not going to have a playoff, then we need to preserve tradition and keep the Rose Bowl a Pac-10/Big 10 matchup (which is Tom's reasoning for no playoff).  Instead, we've seen teams such as Nebraska, Miami, Oklahoma, and Texas twice in the Rose Bowl.  Tom Hansen has refused to engage in talks for a playoff, which is what the sport needs, in the name of the Rose Bowl, but he has also allowed the Rose Bowl to be destroyed.

Nice job there, Tom.

Lets talk basketball.

Since the reincarnation of the Pac-10 basketball tournament, it has been played in the Staples Center in LA.  Not only has this led to an advantage for the LA schools, but the building has been empty when UCLA or USC is not playing.  The fair thing to do for the schools, and the best thing for the fans, would be to rotate the tournament among the big conference markets.  Phoenix, LA, Oakland, Portland, and Seattle rotate the tournament so that each gets it every five years.  In fact, Portland put together a bid for the tournament which was considered to be more lucrative than that put forward by LA.

So naturally Tom re-upped with the Staples Center for another five years.

In fact, Tom is a big reason that the Pac-10 gets little respect outside of LA.  Most of our national TV football games involve USC, most of our national basketball games involve UCLA.  Our showcase event is always in an empty Staples Center.  The Rose Bowl is in LA.  Almost everything people outside of the West Coast see is in LA.  That LA fans are the worst on the West Coast are irrelevant.  Everybody is based on what LA does.

I will give credit where credit is due.  Making the Pac-10 schedule a round robin was a stroke of genius.  That said, good decisions are something that have been sorely lacking in the last decade of the Hansen era.  The major grievances above lead me to only one conclusion:

Its time to fire Tom Hansen.  And fire him soon.

So I implore you to contact Mr. Hansen and ask for his resignation.  His contact information:
(925) 932-4411

And contact your AD and college president demanding that they pressure Hansen:

AD--Pat Kilkenny:, (541) 346-5432
President--Dave Frohnmayer:, (541) 346-3036

Oregon State:
AD--Bob DeCarolis:, (541) 737-2547
President--Edward Ray:, (541) 737-4133

AD--Todd Turner:, (206) 543-2212
President--Mark Emmert:, (206) 543-5010

Washington State:
AD--James Sterk:, (509) 335-0200
President--Elson Floyd:, (509) 335-6666

AD--Sandy Barbour:, (510) 642-0580
Chancellor--Robert Birgeneau:, (510) 642-7464
AD--Bob Bowlsby:, (650) 723-4591
President--John Hennessey:, (650) 723-2481

AD--Jim Livengod:, (520) 621-4622
President--Peter Likins:, (520) 621-5511

Arizona State:
AD--Lisa Love:, (480) 965-9743
President--Michael Crow:, (480) 965-8972

AD--Dan Guerrero:, (310) 825-8699
Chancellor--Albert Carnesale:, (310) 825-2151

AD--Michael Garrett:, (213) 740-8177 x3843
President--Steven Sample:, (213) 740-2111