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Jersey Contest: Blogger Picks

Here are the picks for this week. Lew from The WSU Cougar Blog joins us again for the picks.

Texas A&M at Texas Tech

Lew: Aggies will pick off a win with more D than Texas Tech

PICK: Texas A&M

Nick:Looking at Tech's stats thus far this season reminds me of playing video games with the settings set to easy.  As a team, they are first in the nation in yards per game, first in passing yards per game, and second in points scored.  Harrell already has 2700+ passing yards and a 28:3 TD:interception ratio.  And, Crabtree already has 1000 yards receiving and 17 (!) TDs.  Thus far, they have one opponent in common (Oklahoma State) -- A&M pulled out a narrow victory at home, while Tech lost a shoot out on the road.  The Red Raiders ought to win this one in  Lubbock.
PICK: Texas Tech

Dave:  Nobody shuts down Texas Tech.  In order to win a game with the Red Raiders, you have to win a shootout.  I'm not sure that the Aggies have the horses to keep up.

PICK:  Texas Tech

Purdue at Michigan

Lew: Boilermakers will outscore Michigan
PICK: Purdue

Nick:Can the Wolverines continue to ride Hart to a Big-10 title?  With how terrible the conference appears to be, anything is possible.  Even Illinois is undefeated after 3 conference games!  Look for Michigan to continue to rebuild it's reputation.  
PICK: Michigan

Dave: Bad news for Michigan:  Purdue runs a spread offense.
PICK: Purdue

Colorado at Kansas State

Lew: Hawkins system is beginning to click.  Buffs over K State in a yawner

PICK: Colorado

Nick:  Both teams have impressive wins (Colorado over Oklahoma and Kansas Sate at Texas).   However, Kansas State's resume seems more impressive.  I'll go with the them at home.
Pick: Kansas State

Dave: Did you know that Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo is a grammatically correct sentence?
Pick: Colorado

#22 Auburn* at Arkansas

Lew: Hogs will have to wait another week for their first SEC win.  Auburn will run over Arkansas

PICK: Auburn

Nick: McFadden may be the best RB in the country, but Arkansas' defense has not been good.  They are winless in the SEC so far, and their three non-conference victories came against Troy, UT-Chattanooga and North Texas.  Auburn, meanwhile, upset Florida at home a few weeks ago.  Last year McFadden led the Razorbacks to victory against Auburn -- won't happen this year.
PICK: Auburn

Dave: Auburn has been Jekyll and Hyde this year.  Its about time for some of the bad to come out.
PICK: Arkansas

Bowling Green at Miami (Ohio)

Lew: Miami should win in a shootout.  Neither team has the D to stop the other.  Great game!
PICK:  Miami (Ohio)

Nick:  Ugh.  Who knows?  Pick: Bowling Green.
PICK: Bowling Green

Dave: I don't know a whole lot about either of these teams.  But I know that Wally Szczerbiak went to Miami (Ohio), and Wally Szczerbiak is a douche bag.
PICK: Bowling Green

*I use the BlogPoll rankings on my blog.