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Latest Polls

Well, here are the latest polls.  The Ducks check in at #7 and #6.  A few things of note:  

  1.  In the AP, six teams received a first place vote, including ASU.
  2.  Cal dropped below us in both polls, which surprised me.
  3.  Michigan checks back in at #24 in the AP and the first team out in the USA Today.  
In related news, the Ducks continue to get love from the ESPN Gameday crew -- Herbstreit has the Ducks at #2 in his AP poll and Corso has them at #4.  

[UPDATE by ntrebon]: As noted in the comments, Oregon comes in at #10 in the first edition of the BCS rankings. Seems low to me, with Kentucky, Arizona State and West Virginia all coming in ahead of the Ducks.

[UPDATE by ntrebon]: Check out Moseley's blog for a breakdown of the AP vote, including which voters had Oregon high and which had Oregon low.