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Parity Will Lead to Death of BCS

So I was talking with my college roommate on the phone Saturday night.  We talked about just how wild this season has been.  Upsets galore.  Top ten teams dropping like flies.  Teams like South Florida at the top of the rankings.  It's the craziest season I can remember since becoming a college football fan.  Parity is reigning supreme, and we love it because you never know what you are going to see.  And at the end of the conversation, we came to one conclusion:

This is the season that is going to force a playoff.

Think about it.  Your remaining unbeatens are South Florida, Ohio State, Boston College, Kansas, Arizona State, and Hawaii.  Hawaii is irrelevant, and, the way they are playing, will likely lose to Fresno or Boise.  USF still has Rutgers and Cincy.  Ohio State still has Michigan, Penn State, Wisconsin, and Illinois.  BC still has Va. Tech, Miami, FSU, and Clemson.  ASU still has Cal, Oregon, and USC.  And Kansas still has Colorado, Missouri, A&M, and the Big XII title game.  None of these teams will go undefeated.  Its almost guaranteed.

We are going to have a glut of one loss teams at the end of the year.  And if we have five or six one loss teams, the BCS will not work.  There will be outrage.  Picture this scenario:

LSU, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Cincinnati all win out.  Ohio State and South Florida lose only one game.  That's six one loss teams.  Who goes to the NC game?  

Not only that, but can you imagine the outrage is South Florida goes to the NC game?  If they deserve it, I don't see what the big deal is.  But you know that the traditionalists will have a coronary.

And this isn't a fluke.  This is the future of college football.  Players don't want to go to Florida and be the third string running back when they can start at Kentucky.  All schools are getting national TV exposure.  All schools have good facilities.  And, one credit the BCS, all major conference schools have a shot to play for a NC.  And there are more major conference schools than ever before.

This crazy season is showing all the inefficiencies in the current way that college football operates.  Those in charge of the BCS have been trying the quick fixes.  They will run out of those soon.  BCS, your days are numbered.  Parity will demand that.

What are your thoughts on the subject?