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Its Washington Week

A lot of people just don't get it.  Ask most people about Oregon rivalries, and Civil War is all that pops to mind.  And that's fine.  Civil War is a vitally important game.  One I never want to lose.  But I hold no animosity toward the Beavers the rest of the year.  Washington?

I fucking hate those guys.

I've had to explain this to many out of state students who just didn't understand until they were here a few years, but growing up around Eugene, you are just born with it.  Its an intense hatred. One so deep that if Washington never won another football game again, not only would it not bother me, but I would be reveling in their misery. Washington is evil.  Everything they stand for is evil.  And kicking their ass in Seattle on Saturday will be the highlight of my season thus far.

Why all the hatred toward the Huskies.  In some sense, growing up a Duck fan, I was just born with it.  But there is a reason.  There is a long history behind the hatred.

Most say that it started back in 1948.  Oregon and California tied for the PCC championship that year.  This meant that a vote of the conference schools would determine the Rose Bowl representative.  Oregon figured that it would have the support of its northwest neighbors.  But Washington voted for Cal, and lobbied Montana to do the same, giving the Bears the Rose Bowl bid.

A pissed off Oregon ran up the score on Washington 63-6 a year later.  And UW returned the pasting 49-0 the next season.

The ire between the two teams worsened.  In 1956, it was revealed that UW was paying their football players.  The dean of the Oregon law school, Orlando Hollis, prosecuted Washington in the case.  He not only got the football team, but all of Washington's athletic programs banned from the postseason for two years.  Needless to say, that didn't endear Oregon to any Husky fans.

The hatred has endured since then.  We all know the Pick, but I guarantee you that it wouldn't be as revered in Oregon history as it is if it had come against UCLA or Arizona State and not against Washington.

The late `90s and early 2000's were a great time in the rivalry, as both teams were often highly ranked.  Rick Neuheisel being the coach of UW, after he had run up the score on Oregon in bowl games with Colorado, didn't help.  That a loss to Oregon kept UW out of the 2000 national championship game is something I'm very proud of.

Then, of course, there was the 2002 incident where UW spent half an hour dancing on our `O' after a win.

This is the first Oregon/Washington game in Seattle since 2003, and we lost that game.  We need to go up to the overrated, falling apart piece of shit that is Husky Stadium and show those bastards their place.

There is nothing good about a Husky. This is one of the biggest weeks of the season.  And anything less than a win will render everything our team has done thus far meaningless.  I don't just want a victory, I want total domination.