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BlogPoll Ballot: The Who-the-hell-knows Edition

This season is crazy and unexplainable.  I am ending any speculation in my poll, and will judge only resume in assembling my poll from here on out.  Looking at the last few weeks, it's the only fair way to go:

  1. South Florida--I have my doubts that they'll remain here.  Hell, I have my doubts that they'll be Rutgers on Thursday.  But they have the marquee road win (at Auburn), a top ten win (West Virginia) and haven't lost.  At this juncture in of the season, they are deserving of the #1 ranking.
  2.  LSU--I still think that they are probably the best team in the country.  They have two really good wins in South Carolina and Florida, and another decent win in Virginia Tech.  They are lacking the marquee road win, and may have lost their only opportunity for that at Kentucky.  But losing on the road to a quality opponent in three overtimes is hardly a sign of weakness.
  3.  Ohio State--I'm not sure that I want to rank them this high.  Who have they played?  Youngstown State?  Kent State?  Akron?  Their best wins are at Purdue and at Washington, neither of whom are very good.  And the Big Ten is terrible.  They get this for now, but the teams below them will have every opportunity to move up--whether Ohio State loses or not.
  4.  Oklahoma--I'm not sure that Oklahoma is better than Oregon at this point, but I won't worry about it too much, as Oregon actually plays some quality opponents in the future unlike the Sooners and will have a chance to move up (and I want to avoid the Coulter/Krugman curse).  Good wins against Texas and Missouri, but the rest of the Big XII is not so good.  And how do you lose to Colorado?
  5.  Oregon--We all know that the loss to Cal was really fluky, but they have blown past everybody else.  Now, lets hope that the injuries don't continue to mount.  Road win over Michigan looking better and better.
  6.  California--Why is everyone so ready to drop them out of the top ten?  Yes, they lost to a mediocre OSU team.  But, like our loss, it was really fluky, and it was a freshman QB with no experience.  Cal will be fine.  Good wins vs. Tennessee and Oregon.
  7.  Kentucky--Win over LSU is great, and the Louisville win starting to hold up a little better.  Andre Woodson is scary good.
  8.  South Carolina--Nice road win at Georgia.  Home win over Kentucky.  Only loss on the road at LSU.  Hell, they might be rated a bit too low.
  9.  Arizona State--No wins that really jump out at you.  ASU is undefeated, but against a lot of middle of the road teams:  Oregon State, Washington, and Colorado come to mind.
  10.  Boston College--Why so low?  Best win is Georgia Tech.  That's why.
  11.  Kansas--Another undefeated without much to crow about.  At Kansas State is a decent win, but  Toledo, Fla. International, SE Louisiana, and Central Michigan?  Woof.  Although to KU's credit, they pummeled those teams pretty good.
  12.  Florida--I know they have two losses, but Tennessee is a better win than a lot of teams have.
  13.  USC--SC the fourth ranked team in the Pac-10?  Its true.  That win over Nebraska is garbage at this point.  Their other wins are UW, WSU, UA, and Idaho?  And not very impressively at that.
  14.  West Virginia--Lost their only good game to USF, and best win is at Maryland.  Will have chances for good wins in the future at Rutgers and Cincinnati.
  15.  Missouri--The Oklahoma loss hurt.  Best win is Illinois.  Will get a chance for a decent win the weekend at Texas Tech.
  16.  Auburn--Hell, maybe I should rank them higher.  Again, two losses, but against USF and a surprisingly decent Mississippi State team.  Wins on the road against Florida, and home against K-State are pretty good.
  17.  Cincinnati--Decent wins at Rutgers and against Oregon State.  Loss to Louisville not as bad as some teams have.
  18.  Tennessee--They basically can hold their hat on their losses not being bad losses to Florida and Cal.  And they do have a win against Georgia.
  19.  Georgia--Hell, I don't know.  Best wins are Oklahoma State and at Alabama, but its better than a lot of teams have.
  20.  Virginia--Again, best wins are Ga. Tech and UCONN.  How the hell did they get blown out at Wyoming?
  21.  Michigan--I know that the beginning of the year was rough.  But they have beaten Purdue and Penn State.
  22.  Texas Tech--The best win is A&M, and they lost to Oklahoma State (who was blown out by Troy).  Yeah, we're really searching now.
  23.  Hawaii--They get some props for being undefeated, but they have played nobody and have been pushed to the brink by San Jose State and Louisiana Tech.  They still have to play Boise and Fresno.  Its only a matter of time.
  24.  Kansas State--Wins over Texas and Colorado.  Losses to Kansas and Auburn not terrible.
  25.  Virginia Tech--Why the hell does everyone have them rated so high?  Their offense is terrible.  Blown out of the water at LSU. Best win is at Clemson.  Other than that, they've played Duke, William and Mary, UNC, Ohio, and East Carolina.  They may not be here long.  
Want a challenge?  Try ranking the teams yourself.  Because, seriously.  Who the hell knows?