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Tuesday Morning Roundup

First, in case you missed it, there will be no live TV for the Wazzu game.  If you're so moved to let Tom Hansen know how you feel about that, his work contact information is listed in a diary to the right.

And, don't forget to make your picks in this week's Jersey Contest. There are some big games this weekend, and the standings in the contest are still pretty muddled near the top.

Another interesting tidbit in Moseley's blog is a discussion of a response from the Tennessee reporter who left the Ducks out of his top 25 poll.  Apparently, he intended to move them up from the #13 ranking he gave them the prior week, but accidentally omitted them altogether.  

In today's Oregonian, John Hunt has a piece on the game this weekend that discusses Oregon's respect for Cal's return specialists.  This respect, combined with the new rule change that moved kickoffs back five yards resulted in Oregon utilizing a bunch of squib and pooch kicks.  Despite Cal having an average starting position of their own 37 yard line, Bellotti was pleased that there were no big returns.  

Jason Vondersmith, in the Portland Tribune, discusses the continuing maturation of Dennis Dixon and the leadership he displayed even after his last interception.  Seeing how Dixon and the rest of the team bounce back will go a long way in showing that the Dixon we have seen thus far is for real.  

And, for those of you who watched Gameday on TV rather than in person probably noticed the big, yellow O attached to the South end of the stadium.  Apparently,it was put up for the broadcast, but the University may look into making it permanent.    I was only able to see it on TV, but I think it looked pretty sharp.

This blog has a few comments from Cal fans offering their thoughts on the Autzen environment.  One is complimentary, while the other discusses the potential effect of Oregon fans returning late to their seats for the second half.  You think that people who paid for the tickets and potentially even had to travel to make the game would want to see all of it.   If all I wanted to do was drink, I'd watch from home or from a sports bar.

Hmm.  Apparently there was a problem with counterfeit tickets this weekend.  It'd be pretty disappointing to shell out a bunch of money for tickets only to be denied entry.  Hopefully they find those assholes.