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ATQ Blogger Picks

Yeah, I forgot to put this up last night.  But the first games haven't started yet, so we're still okay!  Andrew from U Dub Dish joins us.

No pretty helmet pictures this week, though.

Florida at Kentucky

Andrew:  Florida has a 20 game winning streak against the Wildcats.  I think it will be 21 after this game.
PICK:  Florida

Nick:  Heh.  Kentucky upsets LSU at home, and is still as much as a touchdown underdog to Florida at home.  Kentucky has been really surprising this season, and it's very nice to see Brooks have success.  However, I really want Kentucky to pick up their second loss, so the Ducks can move up.
PICK::  Florida

Dave:  I'm just not sure that Kentucky is ready to beat two teams of that caliber back-to-back.  It wouldn't totally shock me, especially at home, but if I had to bet I'd go with the Gators.
PICK:  Florida

Texas Tech at Missouri

Andrew:  The Red Raiders spread offense always has the power to run up the score.  I think they'll take this one.
PICK:  Texas Tech

Nick:  I still feel a weird affinity for Tech and their ability to throw the ball all over the field.  But, I'll give the nod to the home team, who gets their leading rusher back after missing last week's loss to Oklahoma.
PICK:  Missouri

Dave:  Freshman WR Michael Crabtree is the best player you've never heard of.  Stat line on the season:  78 catches, 1244 yards, and 17 TDs.  As a freaking wide receiver.
PICK:  Texas Tech

Michigan at Illinois:

Andrew:  Michigan has rebounded quite well from their 0-2 start.  They'll continue that this week.
PICK:  Michigan

Nick:  Was Illinois exposed last weekend?  Look for Hart to lead the Wolverines to their 6th straight win after the Oregon loss.
PICK:  Michigan

Dave:  Michigan will win the Big 11.  This win is aging well for us.
PICK:  Michigan

Auburn at LSU

Andrew:  I'll take Auburn.  LSU hasn't looked that great the past two weeks.  Last week it caught up with them and I don't think they'll rebound this week either.
PICK:  Auburn

Nick:  Look for LSU to come back strong after the loss to Kentucky last weekend.  An LSU loss would help the Ducks, but I don't expect it to happen.

Dave:  I can't imagine LSU losing twice in a row.

Stanford at Arizona

Andrew:  I'm going to take Arizona in this one despite seeing Stanford play a close game against TCU last week.  Neither team really impresses me that much, but I'd say Arizona takes this one.
PICK:  Arizona

Nick:  At the start of the season, I would have picked Arizona without even blinking.  But, Arizona has been bad this year, and Stanford has played surprisingly well, at times.  Still the spread for this game is giving Stanford anywhere from 10 - 13 points.  I'd definitely take Stanford with the points.  But not without.
PICK:  Arizona

Dave:  While the USC win on the road was great for Stanford, I find it hard to believe that they have turned a corner and are going to win on the road regularly.  Even against bad teams.
PICK:  Arizona

That's it.  Those are the picks!