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Tuesday Links

In case you hadn't heard, the Ducks host USC this weekend.  Dennis Dodd, of gives a national perspective of the matchup and wonders if this is the end of the stranglehold USC has had on the Pac-10 championship for the last five years.  

Jason Vondersmith of the Portland Tribune offers up his preview of the game, noting that the conference's top offense takes on the top defense. Something's gotta give.  He also notes that the Ducks are averaging two points per minute.  Heh.  Ryan White also notes that ASU jumped USC in the polls this week even though ASU was idle and USC beat Notre Dame 38-0.  Clearly, it's better to not play than to beat Notre Dame.  Go Irish.

Stewart sat out practice yesterday to rest his sore legs.  He did offer up that he felt he could carry a similar load for the rest of the season.  I hope he doesn't have to carry quite that much -- I'd be fine with him having 25-30 carries a game.  In the same blog, Moseley also notes that nothing has changed with Derrick Jones reguarding his suspension.  There was speculation (and still is) that he might be reinstated as early as this weekend.  

Jeff Smith (Oregonian) has a piece up on the offensive line, which some are saying might be the best in Oregon history.  A few comments from the linemen seem to indicate that they are staying focused and know that any accolades they may receive don't mean anything until after the season.  We'll need a big game from them this weekend.  

And, is there a quarterback  controversey brewing at USC?  Which would you guys prefer?  Sanchez or Booty?  Sounds like if Booty does play, there concerns about whether he will be completely healed.  And, Sanchez is only a sophomore who would be making the start at Autzen.