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OSN Announces Basketball TV Schedule

OSN announced that they will broadcast 11 games, bringing the total to 23 out of Oregon's 30 games.  This is good coverage compared to some past years (think the Elite Eight run has anything to do with that?), and I bet a couple of more get picked up.

You can check the basketball schedule on the left sidebar for broadcast information.  While most broadcasts will be on regular OSN affiliates, note that the first three games of the season, the World Vision Invitational, featuring games against Pepperdine, Pacific, and Western Michigan, will be on the new Comcast SportsNet Northwest that is launching on November 1st.

I'd still bet that the game at Portland gets picked up.  The Pilots are going to have eight games broadcast on Comcast SportsNet, and my gut tells me that the Pilots and Comcast would want that as one of them (biggest ratings potential for sure).  None of the other non-conference games not already announced (Sac State, San Fransico, and Mt. St. Mary's), are likely to end up on TV.

Three conference games are also not scheduled for TV (at ASU, at Stanford, and Arizona in Eugene).  One or two of those usually ends up getting picked up last minute.

Overall, gotta be happy with the coverage.  I'll try to email the athletic department to see if these will be availiable on the ESPN PPV package, or perhaps rebroadcast on other Comcast SportsNet stations like some of the football games are.