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Jersey Contest Blogger Picks

If you haven't made your picks yet, there are a few hours as of posting to still do so.  Sorry, I forgot the reminder emails this week.  Real life gets in the way sometimes.

ParagonSC from Conquest Chronicles was kind enough to give us his picks this week.  Here are my picks.  If you have picked the same teams that I have, I pity you.

Ohio State at Penn State

CC:  Penn State

Nick:  Ohio State finally reaches the meat of their schedule with remaining games against Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan.  They will lose at least one of these four (their last game at Michigan).  I also think they lose this one.
PICK:  Penn State

Dave:  My picking a team seems to be a precursor to their death.  In that case...
PICK:  Ohio State

West Virginia at Rutgers

CC:  West Virginia

Nick:  Rutgers did what we needed them to do last week, upsetting unbeaten South Florida.  Can they knock off two top 10 teams in consecutive weeks?  I don't think so -- Slaton and the WV rushing attack will be too much for Rutgers.

Dave:  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I'm sorry (yawn), I thought I heard somebody talking about Big East football.  I'll go with the home team.
PICK:  Rutgers

Florida v. Georgia at Jacksonville

CC:  Florida

Nick:  Tebow is nursing a sore shoulder, but is still slated to play Saturday.  Look for him to continue building his Heisman resume.  And, I am hoping that Florida will get a chance to avenge its loss to LSU in the SEC championship game.
PICK:  Florida

Dave:  The World's Biggest Cocktail Party.  Make mine a Captain and Coke.  Florida will provide the ass whipping.  Bonus prediction on this game:  Dixon's numbers will be better than Tebow's, but Tebow will be getting all the "distancing himself in the Heisman" pub because he plays for Florida.
PICK:  Florida

Cal at Arizona State

CC:  Cal

Nick:  Which do we want?  Cal to stop losing to make our loss look better? Or, an ASU win setting up a potential top 5 matchup at Autzen next weekend?  I have a feeling ASU is going to be rudely awakened from their undefeated start.  With remaining games against Cal, Oregon, UCLA, USC and Arizona I would not be surprised to see them end up with 3 losses before the regular season is over.  And, I think Tedford finds a way to right the ship and give them loss #1.
PICK:  California

Dave:  Its time for another team to enjoy the late season swoon.  How the fuck did we lose to these guys?
PICK:  Arizona State

USC at Oregon:

CC:  SC, or course!

Nick:  Well, it's time to see if USC's defense is all its cracked up to be.  Dixon will need to be more accurate with the passing game.  And, probably the biggest factor in the game will be who can win the turnover battle.  Go Ducks!
PICK:  Oregon

Dave:  I know what you're thinking, but I can't do it.  My picks are death.  A pick for Oregon is bound to curse us, and I sure as hell ain't picking against us.  I'm sacrificing a point here and refusing to make a pick.  I'm doing this for all of us.  You will be thanking me on Saturday.