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Closing Up the TV Argument

First off, just know that this was never about the Ducks.  It was also about the Sun Devils, and any other Pac-10 team that could find themselves in this situation.

That the game will be on ESPN is great.  But it really changes nothing.  The Pac-10 has the worst TV contract in the nation, and it needs to end.

FSN is a fine network to carry games.  Give 'em the third choice--behind ESPN and ABC.  Also, make it so that you don't fill in all your arrangements before the season, that way crap like this doesn't happen.

Finally, give the fans what they want and end this exclusivity bullshit.

Crisis averted--for now.  But all the underlying problems for another crisis are still there.  Are you going to do anything about it before it gets to that point, Tom?

Why am I not holding my breath?