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Tuesday Links

Sorry for  no link dump yesterday -- there wasn't a whole lot out there.  There a few things out there this morning.

First, Moseley blogs about yesterday's football practice.  It's mostly some odds and ends about injuries, a new walk-on and a position change for Michael Speed.   However, it does note that Gibbs returned to practice yesterday after heading to Oklahoma to be with his family after the death of his grandmother.  

In other football news, it looks like Wazzu might be without two of their top three wide receivers this weekend, including the conference leader Brandon Gibson (39 catches for 567 yards, 6 TDs).

And, an early line has us as 18 point favorites.  Ugh.  No one needs a reminder about how little that means.

With basketball practices set to start soon (Friday), there's a few articles up.  First, Jeffrey Dransfeldt of the Oregonian talks about the leadership role that Bryce Taylor is tying to fill this season.  Jason Vondersmith, in the Portland Tribune, has an Oregon preview up.  It sounds like the Ducks may try to go with something closer to a traditional lineup (unlike last season's successful 4 guard/wing + Leunen), with Catron potentially starting at forward.  Also, gives their preview of the Ducks.  Basically says what we all know: Brooks leaves a large hole to fill, in terms of production and leadership.     It will be interesting to see how the point guard duties are divided between Porter, Odia and Brown.  

And, in baseball news, the ODE has a lengthy article up about Horton's progress in getting a team ready for 2009.  Lots of good stuff in here, including that Horton had four recruits in town for the Cal-Oregon football game.  He also thinks that one of his Cal State Fullerton recruits might be interested in switching his commitment over to us.  With the caliber of players they recruit, this would clearly be a nice little catch.  Also, the Oregon club baseball team has done really well recently -- making the Club World Series the last four years, including a second place finish last season.  A few are hoping to try out and walk on to the team.