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ATQ Jersey Contest Blogger Picks

You get the super condensed version, because I'd rather spend my time working on the basketball preview.  The coin returns as we have no guest for the bye week:

Auburn at Georgia:

Coin:  Auburn
Nick:  I like Auburn's defense in this game, but the question is will their offense do enough to win.  I think they do,
even on the road.
Dave:  Its the SEC.  Pick the road team.  Gotta go Auburn.

Florida State at Virginia Tech:

Coin:  Florida State
Nick:  I think VaTech is overrated, but FSU
is still mediocre.  I think FSU will upset a ranked opponent on the
road again, however.
Dave:  FSU had a big win last week.  They can't do it twice in a row.  I'll take the turkeys.

Texas Tech at Texas:

Coin:  Texas
Nick:  There's no way Texas loses this game.
Dave:  There is a way Texas loses this game.  Its called their not very good.  Tech stuns them in Austin.

UCONN at Cincinnati:

Coin:  Cincinnati
Nick:  Who knows?  Connecticut is ranked #13 in
the BCS, yet a 5.5 to 6.5 dog to Cincinnatti.  Pick: Connecticut.
Dave:  UCONN's luck runs out right here, and they are exposed as the frauds that they are.  There will be no phantom calls to save them in this one.

Stanford at Washington State:

Coin:  Stanford
Nick:  This seems like an easier pick than
the USC at Cal game.  I'll take Stanford on the road.
Dave:  Stanford on the road at the Palouse in November?  Gimme Wazzu.