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Status Report and Jeff Freaking Kendall

Yeah, sorry for no posting this week.  Eight hours of work and four hours of tryouts has left little time for blogging.  Tryouts are over now, so things should get a bit more normal.  jtlight will also be helping out with the blogging a bit.

I'm going to do the basketball preview in the morning (promise), and I'll be here to talk during the Pepperdine game tomorrow.  It'll be on the new Comcast SportsNet Northwest, hope you'll join me.

In other news, I'm not sure how many of you are fans of the Jim Rome Show. I listen when I get a chance (which isn't much with my job), and he's had four Duck interviews in the last few weeks.  Friday, he had a triple interview with Max Unger, Geoff Schwartz, and Jeff Kendall.  Kendall came on with this rant, which was easily the huge call of the day, and led to what Rome called one of the best jungle quotes ever "we're just a bunch of fat kids living a dream."

Jeff Freaking Kendall, ladies and gents.