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Week 9 Blogger Picks

Here they are, the blogger picks for this week.  The guys over at Pitchfork Nation were kind enough to join us.  Nifty helmet pictures return:

Texas at Oklahoma State

Pitchfork Nation:  I think Jamaal Charles got back on track in the win over Nebraska, and Oklahoma State....CRITICIZE ME! I'M 40! That's all.
PICK:  Texas

Nick:  Texas does well when RB Charles does well.  Last week, Charles rushed for 290 yards (216 in the fourth quarter) to lead Texas over Nebraska. I think he'll have more trouble with the Oklahoma State rush defense.
PICK:  Oklahoma State

Dave:  Oklahoma State is garbage, and the people who pick them are garbage.
PICK:  Texas

LSU at Alabama

Pitchfork Nation:  Not only do the Bayou Bengals have the best talent in America across the board, they've got a chip on their shoulders about the guy who will be coaching on the other side of the field.

Nick:  We could use another LSU loss.  But, I have just about given up hope that it will happen before the SEC championship game.  Saban will not beat his former team this weekend.

Dave:  Its not just that we badly need an LSU loss, its that them losing to Saban would be completely hysterical.
PICK:  Alabama

Florida State at Boston College

Pitchfork Nation:  I'm in no way an Eagle believer, but I mean geez, the Seminoles are going BACK to Drew Weatherford.

Nick:  Boston College got lucky last weekend.  It won't happen again.  A mediocre FSU team will end the national title hopes and the Heisman run for Matt Ryan.
PICK:  Florida State

Dave:  Florida State sucks.  That's all you need to know.
PICK:  Boston College

Oregon State at Southern Cal

Pitchfork Nation:  Those poor Beavers have no idea what they've got coming this week, and their jerseys make them look like they're all wearing training bras.

Nick:  Look for USC to bounce back after the loss last week.  I don't think this game will even be close.

Dave:  Mediocre Beavies without Yvenson Bernard against pissed off Trojans in LA?  SC will turn this one into a boat race by halftime.

Arizona State at Oregon

Pitchfork Nation:  Sorry, Duck nation! It's ASU's time to shine. Come on, you really think I'd pick against my boys? Looking forward to what will be the game of the year though.

Nick:  Yet another big game in a season where games seem to increase exponentially in magnitude each week.  After I have spent all season shrugging off ASU, I am starting to believe.  However, I just think that Oregon's offense will do enough to win.
PICK:  Oregon

Dave:  You already know my thoughts.  Quack, Quack!
PICK:  Oregon