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ATQ Jersey Contest Blogger Picks

Here are the final set of blogger picks:


Tenessee vs. LSU -- I think LSU comes back from its triple OT loss to Arkansas.  Pick: LSU

Missouri vs. Oklahoma -- You gotta love that the #1 team in the country is an underdog in a conference championship game played at a neutral site.  And, there's probably a good reason for it.  Pick: Oklahoma

Boston College vs. Virginia Tech -- Here's the championship game that I have absolutely no interest in watching.  I've thought all year that both of these teams were overrated.  Pick: Virginia Tech

Arizona at Arizona State -- Here's hoping ASU can keep Arizona from becoming bowl eligible.  Pick: ASU

Cal at Stanford -- Man, what has happened with Cal this season.  Who'd have thought that a Stanford win on Saturday would leave both teams tied in the conference standings?  And DeSean Jackson might be out, too.  However, I still like Cal.  Pick: Cal


Tennessee vs. LSU -- Les Miles will be the coach at Michigan next week.  Bo Pelini will be the coach at Nebraska.  Reason for concern?  I think so.  Pick:  Tennessee

Missouri vs. Oklahoma -- Just because nobody wants to see Ohio State in the title game, you know that's what the football gods are going to give us.  Oh, and Oklahoma already beat Missouri this year.  Pick:  Oklahoma

Boston College vs. Virginia Tech -- zzzzzzzzzzz
Pick:  Va. Tech

Arizona at Arizona State -- Lets see how much I think of Mike Stoops' coaching.  ASU is going to win.  Big.  Pick:  ASU.

Cal at Stanford:  I just have a gut feeling that something is going to happen.  Pick:  Stanford.