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Jersey Contest Playoff

We need to break our tie between jtlight and jteubs in the jersey contest, so we'll have a bowl editon playoff to determine our winner.  Very simple.  Both jteubs nad jtlight will need to EMAIL me their picks to the following games.  I want this done over email so that one does not get any advantage by posting after the other.  The rest of you can guess for fun in this thread if you wish, but only jteubs and jtlight email their picks, please.  The following games need to be picked:

Holiday Bowl:  ASU/Texas
Alamo Bowl:  Texas A&M/Penn State
Sun Bowl:  South Florida/Oregon
Outback Bowl:  Wisconsin/Tennessee
Peach Bowl:  Clemson/Auburn
Rose Bowl:  Illinois/USC
Fiesta Bowl:  Oklahoma/West Virginia
Orange Bowl:  Kansas/Virginia Tech
Sugar Bowl:  Hawaii/Georgia
Nat'l Championship:  LSU/Ohio State

If necessary tiebreaker:

Please pick the score:
Georgia vs. Hawaii

When the national champion is revealed, so to will be our contest winner.



Update [2007-12-12 15:46:17 by Dave]: The picks are final once I receive them. Participants have up until the day before the first game to give them to me. I will post for everyone to see.