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Catching up on Football (or, Ripping Stories off from the Diaries)

Sorry for the neglect the last few days.  As I've said, coaching life takes priority, and we've had a lot going on the last few days.  I want to take some time to catch up on the Ducks...

  • As KDNMyDreams noted in his diary, four star QB prospect Darron Thomas has committed to Oregon.  He's the 33rd rated athlete in America, and had previously decommitted from LSU, so he was in high demand.  He's even faster than Dennis so, um, yeah.  All that talk about Nate Costa, who is still damn good, may have been premature.  Oh, and Thomas will enroll in January and be in Eugene in time for spring ball.  This is probably the biggest Oregon story of the last week.
  • ntrebon has been doing a great job keeping up with recruiting in the diaries.  Got a couple of more JC defensive linemen in Justin Thompson and Blake Ferras.  That's four of the best JC defensive linemen in the country.  That unit should be badass next year.  Now, if we could just get some linebackers....

I should have some time in the day tomorrow, and we'll get our Sun Bowl coverage underway.