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Bellotti and UCLA

Well, what we do know, is that Bellotti interviewed for the UCLA job, and is expected to make a decision by Sunday.

Furthermore, from Tracy Pierson of through UW Football Blog, "Some sources have indicated that the deal is actually in the stages of being finalized."  What does this mean, I have no idea.  

Now, I don't think Bellotti will leave.  In what way could UCLA be a better job than Oregon at this time.  We've been pulling in great recruiting classes.  Despite the criticism that has been given by some (both in fans and media), it would be nothing compared to UCLA.  It could be a money thing, but I have a hard time believing that Oregon/Phil Knight wouldn't put up the cash.  It's not like the UO athletic department cannot afford to give Bellotti a raise.  Also, he turned down USC and Ohio State a few years ago, so why would he suddenly be interested in UCLA?

Also, I know many have been upset with Bellotti at the end of the season, but I don't think there would be any advantage of getting a new coach.  We might be able to get Tedford or Petersen, but what if we can't.  It's not like there are a large amount of great coaches waiting to be had.  And as much as we don't want to hear it, Oregon isn't the best place in the world to coach.  It's definitely an attractive job, but I wouldn't say that whoever we hire will be here for 10 years.  It could definitely be a jumping point.  If we don't get our first or second choice in terms of hires, then that will wreak havok on our recruiting, and our coaching would most likely end up dropping in quality considerably.  

One thing Oregon has had going for it in terms of coaching is stability.  I don't want that to end.  Bellotti isn't the best coach, but he's a very good coach.   He's very steady, a good recruiter and motivator.  I hope that he stays around for a while longer.