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Dave is back

Sorry for the lack of posts recently.  There has been a lot to do over the holidays.  I've set aside an hour to do some Sun Bowl stuff tonight (I know, I said I would get to it a week ago, fifty lashes for me), but for now, I want to mention two things:

It was another mediocre effort from the basketball team as they edged Mt. St. Mary's 81-73 at Mac Court.  There is no excuse for this team to be playing as poorly as they are, and I am feeling none too confident as Pac-10 play opens up with a trip to the desert next weekend.

Also, as if trying to steal our coach wasn't enough of a reason to hate UCLA, they have hired Rick Neuheisel as their new head coach.  I can smell the recruiting violations now.  As much as I hate Neuheisel, though, UCLA just became a lot scarier.