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Sun Bowl: Injury Status

The Sun Bowl is coming up on Monday and, after the encouraging performance in the Civil War, you have to believe that the Ducks have a puncher's chance at this thing.  Needless to say, a win would be big.  Its still hard to believe that we haven't won a bowl game since the Fiesta Bowl, and ending that streak to end the season would be very positive momentum heading into next year.  The fact that the Beavers just won their fourth bowl game in a row isn't exactly making it easier to deal with the coworkers, either.  So, yeah, um, win, please.  As they've been all year, injuries will be a factor.  Besides the obvious (Dixon, Paysinger, JJ, etc.), here is what's new with the injury report for this game:

The first thing that you need to know is that Bellotti introduced both Roper and Kempt as Oregon's starting quarterbacks at the press conference.  I don't know what the hell Bellotti's fascination is with two QB systems (which I still maintain cost us the '05 Holiday Bowl), but it might be his most annoying trait.  Roper played a very good game in the Civil War.  Meanwhile, what the hell has Kempt done in his playing time?  I know that the sample size is small, but what does Bellotti see that Duck fans do not?  Hell, 93% of you agree with me.  But all indications are that Bellotti is going to be stubborn with this one.  Roper is likely to start, but who honestly thinks that he won't put Kempt in for a couple of series "to see what he can do," regardless of Roper's performance.

That being the QB situation, the bigger question is injuries.  Rob Moseley over at the Guard has had a number of updates on that situation.  Jonathan Stewart is much healthier than he was during Civil War, and, while this could be his last game as a Duck, Bellotti seems to believe that Stew will be back.  I'm not quite as optimistic but, hey, a guy can hope.

There have been rumors that Cam Colvin is unlikely to get a medical redshirt and will suit up for the bowl game.  Moseley has yet to confirm those rumors, but, needless to say, he would be a big weapon for the Ducks should he be able to play.  Aaron Pflugrad will also play for the first time in three games.  On the minus side, Jeffrey Maehl suffered what Moseley calls a `minor' concussion, that shouldn't affect his status for the game.  On the defensive side of the ball, Casey Matthews is out, meaning that Kwame Ageyman will start his final game as a Duck at middle linebacker.