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Sun Bowl Open Thread

Sun Bowl

Oregon Ducks vs. South Florida Bulls
Monday, December 31, 11:00 AM PT
Sun Bowl Stadium
El Paso, Texas

Something good has to come out of this season, and that good is going to be an end to the bowl losing streak. This one's for the seniors. For Andiel Brown, Kwame Ageyman, Matthew Harper, David Faaeteete, Ryan DePalo, Jeremy Gibbs, Geoff Schwartz, Josh Tschirigi, AJ Tuitele, and maybe Cameron Colvin this will be their last game in a Ducks uniform. For Dixon, Paysinger, and Leaf, this will be their last game as part of the team. I'd love to see them all leave as winners.

This is your thread. Register you pre, in-game, and post game thoughts and comments here.