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My Eyes Are Burning: I've Seen This Before......

I cannot bring myself to watch the tape of the Arizona game.  I know too much info beforehand.  I know that we had a ten point lead at halftime.  And we blew it.

Hell, we didn't play that well against ASU, either.  I have the image scarred in my head of Pendergraph getting rebound after rebound.

What happened to this team?  Have they of little depth finally hit the wall?

The scars of football season are starting to open all over again.  Now, this is different from football:  the basketball team has WAY more heart than the football team did.  And its not as if they are getting blown out.  These games are all close, the Ducks just aren't pulling them out.

And Aaron isn't saving us.

We have the dreaded Bay Area trip next week that is never kind to us.  But our season is at stake.  Now, we have already assured ourselves of an NCAA bid.  But will it be a good seed, with a real chance of winning a few games?  These next weekend will tell a lot about the future of this team.  Sweep the weekend, and all is good again.  Get swept, and it looks like football is rearing its ugly head again.

I hold out hope for the former.