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A Chance to Save the Season

Somehow, someway, the Ducks are still garnering national respect.  They are ranked #24 in the coaches, #23 in the AP.  Man, when you get in the top ten, it is really difficult to get out of the polls.

While ESPN has us out of the lock category in their Drive to 65, they still have us in the "should be in" category.  Joe Lunardi still has us in Bracketology, as a low 10 seed.
Bottom line, there is still time for the Ducks to snap out of the funk, and improve (or lock up) their seeding.  But they have to beat Wazzu.

Save the season.  Have more heart than the football team.

It says a lot about character how teams respond to adversity.  Fifteen years from now, how will we remember this team?  This weekend will tell.