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No Shit, Sherlock

Well, the Portland Tribune theorizes what may be wrong with the Ducks.  The article is entitled "Oregon's troubles may link to fatigue."  Yeah, I'd say that's one problem.

How about a quote:

Defensively, the Ducks haven't had the bodies to stop teams lately - including Arizona's array of players or Stanford's size.

Oregon is the runaway Pac-10 leader in 3-point attempts, but the Ducks went 16 of 55 (.290) from 3-point land at Cal and Stanford. It's low-percentage basketball, but the Ducks

Yep, those would be the other two problems.

Problems identified.  Now recruit some size that can actually play and drive the ball to the rim every once in a while.

See.  Free coaching advice.  They don't even need to pay me.