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Man, its been awhile. But the Ducks looked like the Ducks of old against Washington State. The first half was scary, as the tough Wazzu defense had us go eight minutes without scoring. But we went on a little run at the end of the half to get it to within five.

In the second half, we actually tried moving around on offense and found open shots galore. Yes, we still shot a lot of threes, but at least they were wide open. And Tajuan Porter was absolutely unconscious, hitting everything. We also played MUCH better defense, largely eliminating Wazzu's interior offense. Credit Maarty and Joevan Catron for great defensive games.

And, finally, when we needed a bucket to ice it at the end, MVP was back to his old form, getting the drive and the kiss off the glass to seal the game.

We only shot 40% to their 52%, but stayed even in rebounds, had half as many turnovers, and made our free throws.

You think that this has to clinch a tourney berth. But let's leave no doubt. Two games left, and who better to beat than the Fuskies and the Beavers?