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Huck the Fuskies: Condensed Preview

Big game tonight against the Huskies.  The big question is can we build on our game against Wazzu and get our season back?  I actually find this game more scary because the Huskies lost to the Beavers on Thursday.  Yeah, they are going to be pissed.

We have Aaron Brooks this time, which we didn't last time we played the Fuskies.  Even more so than offensively, I think that Aaron is going to help us on the defensive end.  Not that Aaron is a great defensive player, but Justin Dentmon, who is an average player at best, carved through Tajuan Porter like melted butter in Seattle.  If Aaron can hold him to an average game, that bodes very well for us.  We know that Hawes and Brockman are going to give us trouble.  We have to hold guys like Dentmon in check.  Aaron will also be a plus offensively as well, especially if we should find ourselves in need of a big shot late.

Speaking of Brockman and Hawes, Maarty is going to need help this game from a combination of Zahn/Schafer/Catron.  Zahn didn't play against the Huskies last time, either.  Catron played very well against Wazzu, as did Leunen.  If we can hold Brockman and Hawes to 35 of less combined points, then we have an excellent shot of winning this game.  We just have to keep the supporting cast in check.

Offensively, I am learning to live with the fact that we are going to shoot a lot of threes.  We just have to hope that TP and MVP are shooting well (and TP has certainly been doing that lately).  But I do want to see them make a concerted effort to get to the rim (and get Hawes in foul trouble).  When they are not doing that, we need great ball movement like we had in the second half of the Wazzu game.  Those long shots are a lot easier when they are wide.  I'd also like to see Malik be aggressive.  He has been disappointing lately.

Finally, we cannot allow ourselves to be dominated on the boards.  We must make a big effort to box out on every play.  If this team dominates the boards, we are toast.

This game is for seeding, plus, we must avenge our loss to the Fuskies and send them deeper into their season of misery.