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Good insight on football recruiting

I have posted this site before, but I wanted to link to it again, as they are currently working on a player-by-player analysis of the upcoming football recruiting class.    There's some really good stuff there, and I encourage everyone who needs a football fix to check it out.  Of course, with signing day not until tomorrow, the verbals are not binding yet.  

So far, here's how our class breaks down:
Defensive Lineman: 6
Wide Receivers: 5
Defensive Backs: 4
Linebackers: 4
Offensive Lineman: 3
Running Backs: 3
Tight Ends: 2
K: 1

I have seen the class rated as high as 10th nationally (second in the Pac-10, behind USC).  I have also seen the LB class rated as the best group in the nation.  A lot of the lineman come in highly regarded as well.  

As I am sure everyone knows by know, the formality of Bellotti's contract being rolled over to a fifth year has been completed.  

Now, back to basketball.  Bring on the Arizona schools.  This is a big series at home to try and get things back on the right track.

Go Ducks!