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What to say? Here is your game recap:

  • The defense was astounding today. Maarty did a hell of a job on Taj Gibson. All the wing players gave SC nothing open. And SC bricked everything they threw up. Some may say "well, SC was tired." What did they have to be tired for? It was SC who got to sleep in their own beds while Oregon was in a hotel. Oregon made them work for everything. And they hit almost nothing.
  • The offense was an unstoppable juggernaut. You may never see a team shoot that well again. I've seen higher FG% for a game, but not from that distance. Taylor 11/11, including 7/7 on three? Wow. What else can you say, SC had no chance. And kudos to Tajuan Porter. His outside shots weren't going in much, so he killed SC with little floaters down the lane. SC didn't know what to do about it. TP was your tourney MVP, while Brooks and Taylor also made the all tourney team.
  • Our scrubs looked really bad, but at that point it didn't matter. They played the last six minutes, that good rest.

That's the story of the game, great defense, and unstoppable offense. If Ernie had wanted a fifty point win, he could have gotten it easily. When all five Duck starters are playing well, we're impossible to stop.

Next up: MADNESS.