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Oregon's Case for a 3 Seed

A few days ago, many people, including most of the local media, put Oregon at a seven seed.  My, how a weekend can change things.  Here is my case as to why Oregon deserves a #3 seed, and to stay in the northwest by playing the first round in Spokane:

  • Oregon won 26 regular season game.  They had three wins over teams ranked in the top ten.  They beat UCLA, Georgetown, Washington State (twice), Stanford, USC, and Arizona (twice).  
  • Every school that they lost to, they have also beaten.  Their losses are to Cal, SC (twice), Arizona, UCLA, Stanford, and Washington (without Brooks).  They have also beaten every one of those team, including Arizona and Cal twice each.
  • Recent play is supposed to be a big factor in the committee's decisions.  Oregon has won six in a row, and stormed through the Pac-10 Tournament leaving nothing but destruction in their wake.  SC and Arizona, two tournament teams, looked like high school teams compared to Oregon in this tournament.  Does anyone want to play the Ducks this week?
  • Who are the other three seed candidates?  WSU?  Beaten them twice.  Texas A&M?  Just lost to Okie State.  Southern Illinois?  Didn't win their conference tourney.  Not saying those aren't good teams.  But out of those three and Oregon, two will have to be three seeds.  And Oregon is more deserving than all of them.
We'll see what the committee decides to do tomorrow.  Should be a fun day for Duck fans.